A Family Story

Made of union and love for our land

the company

From our grandfather to us: the innovation that accompanies quality.

The “Dimina” company is located in the western part of Sicily, precisely in Selinunte, a fraction of Greek origin in the municipality of Castelvetrano, and covers 40 hectares along the Belice river.

The history of our company has very distant roots; it all started way back in 1970, when the grandfather, enchanted by the beauty of the belicino landscape, decided to buy a plot of land. That purchase represented the beginning of everything, the emergence of an activity that was mainly based on the cultivation and sale of a very precious wheat, which however had no name.

In those fields, which represent the center of the company, there is our whole life, our childhood, our memories, there is the sweat and fatigue of our father, who with tenacity and love has carried on the business despite the difficulties. Today we: Sandro, Rosanna, Giusy and Valeria have decided to continue and innovate the family business by trying to make a dream come true, our dream: to advance what has long been achieved, improving it and enhancing it in beauty and quality.

The generational shift in which we are protagonists brings with it a wave of progress, which accompanies the old traditions, and it is from here that the Azienda Biologica Di Lorenzo brand was born, the family signature affixed to our wheat, on the our flours and all other products.

The meaning of the company is vivid in the Di Lorenzo family logo; since we were children, playing in the fields, we found many shells on the ground, the more we dug, the more they emerged. We were fascinated by so much beauty! Dad told us that millions of years before, those places were covered by the waters of the sea, which with time dried up and left those shells with which we created different mosaics on the walls of the farmhouse.

For us, the logo represents the richness of the land, life and ears of wheat, the tangible sign of all this.


Explained in 4 simple steps


In our Selinunte fields we grow, without the use of pesticides and glyphosates, the ears of Russello wheat.


When the russello reaches the right maturation, we collect it trying to preserve the integrity of the ear of wheat.


Once the wheat has been harvested, it is left to dry for a time necessary to allow it to deposit excess water.

Processing and Refinement

After drying, our highly prized russello is ready to be milled (by stone or cylinder). The semolina that is obtained is then used to produce our tasty 100% organic pasta.

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